Monday, 23 November 2009

Article: "Introducing the Infinispan Data Grid Platform"

I've written the first article in a two-part series introducing Infinispan as a data grid platform, including some basic usage examples and demos. Have a look, it's on DZone:


Devoxx 2009 recap

We're back from Devoxx 2009, and thanks to Stephan et al for organising an excellent event. There were some brilliant talks, especially on performance tuning, JDK7 and Scala. And of course Infinspan. :)

Once the recording of my talk on Infinispan is up on, I'll link to it here. But for now, you should check out this PODcast interview I did with Chariot Solutions' Ken Rimple a couple of weeks back -

To see what folks have been tweeting about regarding my talk at Devoxx, check out this search on!


Friday, 13 November 2009

Second release candidate for 4.0.0

Hi all

I'm pleased to announce a second release candidate for Infinispan 4.0.0. CR2 builds on CR1, fixing a whole pile of issues reported - thanks for the feedback, everyone! In addition, we have started benchmarking and profiling Infinispan using the CacheBenchFwk project, and based on our findings have tweaked and tuned things accordingly. We will publish results of these tests soon.

This release also brings along another tech preview - the Lucene Directory Provider, courtesy of Google Summer of Code student Lukasz Moren and frequent contributor Sanne Grinovero. Excellent work, guys, finally a distributed, in-memory store for Lucene indexes! This provider is bundled in the Infinispan distro, as is a demo showing off the capabilities of such a directory provider. More details on this wiki page.

For full details on what's changed, have a look at the release notes report in JIRA.

As always, we need feedback, especially as close as we are to a final release. Download this release (or add it as a Maven dependency), and report feedback!