Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Welcome Trustin Lee

I'd like to welcome Infinispan's newest full-time core engineer, Trustin Lee.  Trustin's no stranger to open source software, being the founder and project lead of Apache MINA and Netty - the latter of which is used in Infinispan's memcached and Hot Rod server endpoints.  Trustin will be working on all things Infinispan, adding muscle to the core development effort.  Trustin's based in Seoul, South Korea.

Welcome aboard, Trustin!  :)


1 comment:

  1. this is a great news for the infinispan team and the community as a whole. This guy is intelligent and serious. It was and is a pleasure to read and run code conceived and written by this guy. From netty, to Apache Mina, now i hope infispan will see his mark soon.
    he is one of the most talented people in java network programming . What i like the most about the work of Lee is his faible for simplicity of Design and implementation
    Thank you and good luck to Manik and the infinispan team .
    Thank you Trustin