Thursday 28 April 2011

Infinispan 5.0.0.CR1 "Pagoa" is out!

The first candidate release of the Infinispan 5.0 "Pagoa" series is out now. The final features added include:
  • Lock identifiers are now available to Infinispan users in order to help reorder lock acquisitions which helps reduce the possibility of deadlocks.
  • Infinispan now supports internationalization of messages as per the rules here. The internationalization of messages is not yet available, but the integration of JBoss Logging into Infinispan would allow it in an easy way.
  • In the last BETA we renamed the lazyDeserialization XML element to storeAsBinary but this resulted in previous XML configurations not been valid any more. So, we've reinstated the lazyDeserialization element but if you use it, you'll see a WARN message indicating that you should replace it with storeAsBinary.
  • A very important change in the release is the change of the default value for lock striping configuration. In previous releases, this used to be enabled by default but as hinted in its documentation this can cause deadlocks. So, after some debate, we've decided to disable it by default.
  • New EC2 demo available in the all zip distribution with examples of distributed executors and map/reduce! Make sure you try it out :)
There's some other minor fixes as shown in the release notes. As always, please use the user forums to report back, grab the release here, enjoy and keep the feedback coming. The Final version is not far away, so make sure you test this CR! :)

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